About Tenou’a

Under the leadership of Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur, the magazine for Jewish thought, “Tenou’a – Atelier de pensée(s) juive(s)”, is a unique meeting point in France for Jews from all horizons and all denominations, as regards both thought and art.

Weaving the threads of a dialogue between religion, society, history, science, and contemporary art, the pages of Tenou’a receive contributions from intellectuals, public stakeholders, academics, opinion leaders, and artists who are talented and recognised among the Jewish community.

The only French Jewish publication to open up its columns to all of the religious and cultural denominations of Judaism, Tenou’a wants to show and to foster Jewish intellectual and artistic pluralism today. Tenou’a wants to allow all those who wish to express their ideas and their analyses to do so while respecting and dialoguing with the positions of everyone, to serve decompartmentalised and confident Jewish thought.

In each issue, Tenou’a presents about thirty works of contemporary art. We are convinced that art can be a Midrash in the same way as words can. All of these works are by Jewish artists who are alive and currently working. Tenou’a maintains continuous, constructive, and sustained dialogue with the artists and their gallery managers. We thus want to show the fantastic vivacity of Jewish artists, both in Israel and in the Diaspora today.

Jewish creativity is the motor, fuel, and pathway of Tenou’a.

Initially a community publication of the MJLF (the Liberal Jewish Movement of France), Tenou’a has been independent since the spring of 2013 
The team
- Editorial director: Delphine Horvilleur (Rabbi)
- Publication Director: Francis Lentschner (President of the Association Tenou’a)
- Editor in chief: Antoine Strobel-Dahan (journalist)
- Artistic Director: Élie Papiernik (designer)
- Editorial secretary: Paola Pérez-Zarur (lawyer)
- Assistant: Mira Niculescu
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© Zoya Cherkassky – Courtesy of Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, for the work at the head of this page
Please find here a few translations into English of Tenou’a contents


© Ohad Matalon, "Fire inscription ceremony", 2006

Israel, Land of Refuge – A Voyage to the Land of Integration

Interview with HE Aliza Bin-Noun, Ambassador of Israel to France

"The Presentation in the Temple" © Francis Ferdinand Maurice Cook - The Public Catalogue Foundation

Maase hagoyim – The rituals of the nations

A drasha for the civil New Year by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur

"Kri'ah", © Eva Charbit


Post-Nov.13 Paris attacks editorial by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur (published in Tenou’a #162)

Elsa Cayat par ANYA ULINICH (via The Forward)

A Eulogy for Elsa Cayat, Who Laughed at Her Killers

Eulogy was given by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur at the funeral of Elsa Cayat, in Paris, France, on Jan. 15, 2015.

cc Hrag Vartanian


Opinion by Antoine Strobel-Dahan: I’m dreaming of no longer living in a dark land


The brother, the other one…

Tenou’a #158 editorial by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur

Charlie Brown pleure Charlie

 The Republic faced with Cain

A radio piece by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur on RCJ on Jan.23 2015

© © Élie Papiernik - janvier 2015

Who’s blaspheming?

A piece by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur on RCJ on 9 January 2015 

Allenby Bridge building - Library of Congress

Devarim – The Bridge Game

A commentary by Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur